A Norwegian spirit in the north of Germany

Antonia’s love for horses came from her mother and began as just a hobby, but after working in the fashion industry for many years, she realised her true calling was the equestrian world. Alongside Nuno at Klevendeich, Antonia has been riding, teaching and training horses since 2016. With each competition, new goals were set and achieved, from her first win in S* to representing Norway on the international stage.

Her crowning achievement came in 2019 when she and her trusty partner Danny earned the golden badge, setting the stage for even more incredible adventures. From winning bronze at the senior regional championships to competing at the Bundeschampionat finals, where she placed 9th, Antonia has amassed a wealth of experience and accolades at young horse levels and beyond.

With a riding vita that includes several placements up to Grand Prix de Dressage, Antonia’s talent and dedication to her craft is tough to rival. Fluent in German, Norwegian, French, and English, she is a true equestrian powerhouse, driven by a passion for horses that will always rule her world.


… loving a wonderful job


As a dynamic duo in the world of professional dressage riding, we live our dream by complementing each other perfectly with our experienced riding skills and remarkable teamwork, making every day at Klevendeich wonderful for our clients and horses.


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