We know what we do

We ride our horses with passion and know-how. Every horse has its own needs, its own pace of development and requires individual management. 

we love what we do

We try to adapt to the horse – the horse should not adapt to us. Our goal is to make dressage and work look easy and effortless.


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Where riders love to train ...
Where riders love to train ...
Where riders love to train ...
Where riders love to train ...
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The right training at the right moment

The way to Grand Prix

It is a long journey to train a horse for a GP. Not every horse is blessed with the same innate level of talent. Our mission is to showcase every horse’s strengths and improve on its weaknesses, so as to allow each and every one to reach its maximum potential.

We are mindful to not aggressively exceed a horse’s limit! A combination of experience, feel, communication, good training and healthy management can lead to the desired results and goals set.

Fun & work balance for young horses

Concentrating on details

Concentrating  on details and choosing the right partners complements our work.

Our sales references 


Are you looking for a dressage horse?

We can offer some horses for sale or find the perfect match for you.

Please contact us directly for more information and serious offers.

...and horses love to live
bright indoor boxes
restful outdoor paddocks
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Modern horse management at Gut Klevendeich

No two horses are the same! We have learned and experienced that different horses have different needs. Some horses require more support than others, a service which we are happy and well placed to provide: Modern horse management! We support their complex needs with a great team of veterinarians, physiotherapists, saddleries and farriers.

Furthermore, products from well known companies such as BEMER and ACTIVOMED are in daily use, if necessary and requested.

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